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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cuban Draft Constitution Described as Very Advanced in U.S.

Washington, Sep 18. -Cuba's new draft Constitution is very advanced and the process under way to express criteria on it is very valuable, a Cuban émigré in this capital said.

Manuel Gómez, a resident in the United States since 1961, told Prensa Latina that there will be positive results for Cuba, and the relationships between the country and emigration will improve.

The possibility for those of us who live in other nations to express our criteria on the document strengthens the efforts by the Cuban government and sectors of émigrés to further get closer, said Gómez, a biochemist by profession.

According to him, this process lays the foundations for further progress in relations between the two parties.

Gómez noted that he agrees with the opinions contained in the document in favor of strengthening social justice, defending and promoting the achievements made by the Revolution in sectors like health, education, science and culture.

In that regard, he praised Cuba's anti-imperialist stance and a socialist law society, with an economy based on the principles of equality.

Gómez pointed out that he would like the draft Constitution to express more clearly the relation between the Communist Party of Cuba, as the only one and ruler of society, with the law of laws.

I am concerned that members of the Party can commit abuses and even violate the Magna Carta, seeking for perks, privileges and things that sadly occurred in the Eastern European countries last century, he noted.

He also suggested that the accountability by top officials should be made as public as possible by using all means of communications.

That would help to enhance the people's civic education and they would have a more active participation in the decisions made by the government, said Gómez, who is the founder of the Cuban-American Committee pro Normalization of Relations. (Taken from Prensa Latina)