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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Camagüey encourages the improvement of self-employed work

Camagüey, Sep 18. -Currently more than 34 thousand Camagüey people, from the non-state sector, contribute to the production and marketing of goods and services in different activities that make up the full spectrum of self-employed work in Cuba.

It is the State's policy to continue stimulating the contributions of these workers, so it represents their work to the satisfaction to the needs of the population.  Hence, new legislation aiming to improve this sector; to correct some deficiencies and ensure the sustainability of this mode of employment will come into force on December 7th.

Regarding this, Jannette Casanova Cosío, deputy director of employment of the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Social Security in Camagüey, explained that "the first thing is that  only one activity can be exercised, and that is explained to self-employed workers ahead of time  so they can " assess, and decide which one they are qualify for".

"There are activities that bind each other. Today we have barber, makeup artist, hairdresser, masseuse, in an independent manner.  From now on, all of them are joined in the so-called beauty services.

"Those related to food, which are highly demanded, also undergo changes, because the restaurant or palate, and the cafeteria one remain but a new one is introduced, which is the bar, with very specific requirements because it is in a neighborhood, in a community, so there are aspects to regulate for not disturbing the neighbors".

The modifications to self-employment work will also cause changes in the tax system. Leticia Palenzuela Hidalgo, provincial director of the National Office of Tax Administration, said that "with the grouping of 123 activities, 52 are to be provided by the general scheme and 71 by the simplified one, and remember that now the latter only pays a consolidated quota and makes non sworn statement.

"Some activities went from that first category to the second one, and another consideration is that it is not exempt from the payment of the tax on labor force to those who hired up to five people."

Camagüey is the fifth province of the country with more people who have opted to self-employed work, and the ones with greater demand are the restaurant, producer-seller of several articles, food producer- seller and agent of telecommunications.

Together with the State sector, that modality of employment contributes to social development and it is a major nationwide force, hence the development of that area of the economy is fundamental so that their members make a more effective work.