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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Russia and Cuba Address Cooperation in Health, Education and Culture

St. Petersburg, Sep 20. -Russia and Cuba exchanged ideas on Thursday about the open prospects for cooperation between the two countries in health, education, culture, among other areas, in the framework of the 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum.

St. Petersburg's governor, Gueorgui Poltavchenko, stressed that his city, with six percent of the national production of drugs, strengthens the collaboration with the Caribbean island in that regard, during a meeting with Cuban Deputy President, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia.

During the talks at the Smolni Palace, the parliament headquarters of this city, Poltavchenko said that Russia is looking for the possibility of any kind of exchange with the Caribbean nation in terms of health, from supplies to the creation of joint ventures in Cuba.

He also referred to the opportunities of a fruitful scientific exchange in health, as well as students and specialists from both states.

St. Petersburg’s governor noted that some 15 Cuban students are studying in different universities in this city and considered that the number can increase.

The Cuban deputy president thanked the Russian participation in the 500th anniversary of Havana’s celebration in 2019 and recalled that Santiago de Cuba, which previously celebrated it, is also, as St. Petersburg, a hero city.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is expected to attend the forum on Thursday. (Taken from Prensa Latina) (By Antonio Rondón García, Photos and Text)