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Friday, September 25, 2020
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Silver medal for Idalis Ortiz in the World Championship of Judo

Havana, Sep 26. -The Cuban judoka Idalis Ortiz finished second this Wednesday at the World Championship of Judo, which closed its individual competition, and will play the team competence tomorrow.

Idalis, monarch of the globe in 2013 and 2014, fell for the Gold Medal in the golden rule with the Japanese Sarah Asahina, in a duel which was extended to six minutes and 24 seconds.

The Olympic champion in London 2012 and  second in Rio 2016 games, also won four bouts, before falling in the discussion of the Golden Medal with the Japanese.

 Idalis victories were against the Korean Kim Minjeong by disqualification, three shido admonishments, in rounds of sixteen she outperformed the Yan Wang from China by ippon, and she arranged in the quater finals the Croatian Ivana Maranic the same way.

 Finally, in the semi-finals she returned to find the well-known Brazilian Suelen Altheman, which  she exceeded this time in the golden rule by wazari technique.

Cuba ended its participation in the world championship with two  silver medals, Idalis and Iván Silva, a fifth  place of Maylín del Toro, and a seventh place for Asley González, to lead the nations of the Latin American region. (Taken from RHC)