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Friday, April 19, 2019
Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cuban president confirms advances in the implementation of electronic government

Havana, Oct 13. -The commitment that the Cuban State has put in support of the computerization of society is a fact. Concrete actions are developed throughout the country to conclude the initial stage of electronic government, as part of which all the organs and bodies of the Central State Administration, as well as the territorial governments work  to make their websites public in the network before the year ends.

It is not only about creating the platforms, but for them function with good practices, to provide digital services to the population and to interact with the people through them, the president of the Councils of State and ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez stressed in the most recent analysis carried out on these issues.

The evaluation of this issue was carried out through a videoconference involving representatives from the 15 provinces and the special municipality of the Isla de la Juventud. In general, it was ratified that the institutional portals of the governments should be ready for navigation in the coming months, which will make easier for the population to participate.

The Minister of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, emphasized that these actions will contribute to strengthen different processes in the base. In turn, he said, it is urgent to homogenize the work in the territories, with the use of well-designed systems that allow better institutionalization of the actions.

The importance of increasing risk perception and maintaining constant updating and preparation in relation to the national cyberspace protection system was ratified, which constitutes a guarantee to avoid vulnerabilities.

In that sense, the Minister of Communications commented that they have designed a set of measures which, among other areas, include the legal, the technological, the organizational, the international cooperation and the institutional communication.

Particularly about the digitalization of the Cuban television, Ana Julia Marine López, Deputy-Minister of Communications, updated on the actions carried out in territories of the province of Sancti Spirítus and the special municipality of the Isla de la Juventud, for which the first phase of transition to the digital signal will begin.

Related to this last topic, the investment program in the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) was also analyzed to guarantee the digitalization of the television, which covers all its facilities – including the tele-centres of the country – and advances in a sustained manner despite some obstacles to which they have had to cope. (Granma) (Photo: File)