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Friday, April 19, 2019
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

March against human rights’ violators in Chile around La Moneda

Santiago de Chile, Oct 16. -Hundreds of people will march this Tuesday around the La Moneda Palace and will present a letter to the government of Chile afterwards, due to the tribute paid by the Army to human rights violators.

If the president of the Republic (Sebastian Piñera) travels the world and promotes condemnation of state terrorism, I think he should do the same with what occurred in the act of tribute to the criminal of less humanity, Miguel Krassnoff, said Lorena Pizarro.

The president of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees (AFDD) stressed that the minimum Piñera can do is to pronounce him clearly about the tribute staged at the Military School Krassnoff.

This is the case of one of the most renowned representatives of the Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship (1973-1990) who serves a sentence of 680 years in jail for crimes of lesser humanity.

President Piñera must take a stand, because it is an extremely serious case. It cannot be that only Minister of Defense (Alberto Espina), said Pizarro who will lead the demonstration today nearby La Moneda.

I imagine that if the army of Chile paid tribute to a person responsible for rape or pedophilia, would not be dismissed all those that participated? , he said in a defying tone to the executive.

The ceremony took place last Saturday at the Military School and ended with a speech by Miguel Krassnoff, son, with hails to the assassins of the dictatorship, including his father.

“The Army emphatically sustains this rally was not conceived nor planned as institutional tribute to no person, and absolutely rejects any act or demonstration in favor or against judicial processes by its personnel”, assured general Miguel Alfonso Bellet.

The issue provoked the dismissal of two colonels from his institution, German Villarroel Opazo, director of the Military School and Miguel Krassnoff Bassa, son of the condemned.

But members of parliament and associations defending human rights said actions refer to “renounce the employment”, which does not seem forehand a sufficient punishment taking into account the gravity of the events.

The Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, affirmed he asked the head commander of the Army, General Ricardo Martínez Menanteau, immediate information of what happened, but the first answer was unsatisfactory.

I think it should be convenient to know up to what point Martínez Menanteau knew about the issue, warned Lorena Pizarro. (Taken from Prensa Latina)