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Monday, October 21, 2019
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Night sky dyed people: due to a phenomenon called dispersion

A night with purple skies was recorded on video by a driver from Ohio, USA, who was struck by the glare of those shades over the city of Cleveland.

The Youtube user Jbreez216 shared his finding on the networks, which immediately reacted to the unique spectacle. “Look at the sky, why is it so purple?”The author of the video asks while recording the phenomenon. “It's crazy. I thought for a second that it was because of the [dark] glasses of my car,” he adds.

To verify that this is not a trick, the author of the recording takes the cell phone out of his car and shows that the sky continues with purple hues. The video was uploaded on October 13th, the day Hurricane Michael hit that American state, so it is presumed that the strange phenomenon had to do with climatic conditions.

“Wow, this is crazy. Thank you for sharing,” wrote a Youtube user. “Really surprising and strange. Very strange,” opined another.

Some Internet users ventured theories to explain the color of the sky, but a spokesman of the University of Wisconsin clarified to the Cleveland 19 portal that it is a common phenomenon, called “dispersion”, that allows the violet or blue light of the sun to become the prevailing in the firmament.

 “Dispersion affects the color of the light coming from the sky, but the details (the colors) are determined by the wavelength of light and particle size," he explained. (Taken from RT/ Illustrative Photo)