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Monday, November 18, 2019
Friday, October 19, 2018

He bought a dog as a pet, but…

A man who had bought in China a pet to have company, and was convinced that it was a dog was surprised when he eventually discovered that it was an animal from a completely different species, reports the portal Shanghai Ist.

The owner, an office clerk who lives alone, noticed at a certain point that his pet developed qualities evidently improper of a dog, so he published last September an image of the creature on the local social networks, to ask other users if they were able to determine which animal it was.

 Finally, the Internet users indicated that the so-called can was actually a bamboo rat, a rodent that lives in the south of the Asian country and is appreciated in the local cuisine of the province of Guandong.

After discovering those details, the man decided to offer his pet for adoption, claiming that he does not know how to take care of a bamboo rat. (Taken from