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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Friday, October 19, 2018

Where is the essential?

By Elianis Cutiño López/Radio Cadena Agramonte.

The society we inhabit is marked by stereotypes and one of the most frequent ones begins with the classic phrase: youth is lost, a sentence that runs from mouth to mouth of those who have forgotten that they were once young.

Unfortunately, appearances earn more ground daily, so it is very common to judge a group of people with peculiar characteristics only by the image they project, based on the experiences and prejudices that come with each one from the cradle.

Today, many young people exhibit their bodies adorned with a wide range of tattoos, piercing and extravagant haircuts, imported to Cuba by the unstoppable foreign fashion industry and just for that, some people assume that they are “ mala cabeza” (a person with an inappropriate behavior), “social misfit ones” or in the worst case, criminals.

The history of the emergence of these tendencies in the marginal sectors of capitalism is well known, as well as its use for years by the less favored social strata; however, every day there are younger people who join this style, either by sheer speculation or by a well-thought-out decision.

So, is it fair to brand a young of punk or criminal just because he wears tattoos or piercings?

The decision to mark the body is very personal, but it must be taken with responsibility and with the care that it does not affect the integrity of its own or the others.

A young man who is a good student, kind and correct, does not stop being that way just for carrying a tattoo. If the values that a person has are solid, then they are not so easily compromised.

Every day our people raise their voices to demand equal rights for all humanity, so that there can be no evidence of discrimination within our home; yes, because exclusion is not only done by the color of the skin, people make the same mistake every time talent and human value are underestimated.

Surely you know many people who carry these symbols and do not stop appreciating them and recognize their virtues, in the end; the essential is invisible to the eyes. (Photo: File)