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Friday, August 23, 2019
Monday, November 5, 2018

Shanghai Expo, global exhibition of technological advances

Shanghai, Nov 5. - The 1st China International Import Expo (CIIE), in Shanghai, is from this Monday a gigantic window where world leading manufacturers show their latest productions of advanced technology.

From a flying car, a giant milling machine, a powerful waterproof mini camera and even an electric express machine operated from cell phones are some of the thousands of products that more than 2,800 companies will exhibit at Shanghai's Monumental Exhibition and Convention Center.

After a year of huge preparations, the CIIE, which will last until Friday 10th, is the first national exhibition worldwide that a country dedicates to imports.

As part of its policy of fostering open, unfettered and inclusive trade, China is actually telling the world with this exhibition in Shanghai: come, show what you have to offer and do business.

According to the Chinese deputy minister of commerce, the authorities expect the great event to become a world-class exhibition with the participation of the best companies, create the best environment for business, provide optimal services and get the best results.

Dignitaries and representatives from 130 countries, as well as heads of international organizations, chief executives of major companies, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and producers, as well as prestigious experts and some 1,500 Chinese officials will be present at the Shanghai Expo.

It will be divided into the Business and Enterprise Exhibition, the Country Stand for Trade and Investment, and the Hongqiao Economic and Commercial Forum. Over a hundred activities are also scheduled.

Sony with the RXO ultra-fast camera, sized like a matchbox, with home cinema property, high quality and waterproof sound and image is among the most eye-catching samples due to its technological profligacy.

The Italian home appliance company Delonghi exhibits an electric coffee maker controlled by cell phones, with a digital screen able to make coffees in various forms and even thick hot chocolate.

German machine tool maker Waldrich Coburg introduced a giant high-precision milling machine capable of making micronized parts for automotive and aerospace industries.

And as technological development gets ever closer to science fiction, Slovakian state-of-the-art engineering company Aeromobil presents a flying car integrating the latest in the automotive and aerospace fields. (Taken from PL)