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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Camagüey implements program to develop sustainable tropical livestock

Camagüey, Nov 7. -In order to maintain the genetic potential and develop a sustainable tropical livestock in each farm, the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Camagüey subsidiary of the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA), run a program for the agro ecological management of the soils dedicated to this activity.

The M.Sc. Rosario Camejo Martínez, president of the ACPA in the province, explained that in the grassland ecosystems, livestock technologies that have demonstrated their efficiency to preserve the soil and improve the economic performance of each unit are applied and monitored.

Good practices are used to stop the degradation and recover the features of the land, through the use of green fertilizers and biofertilizers in the  preservation of these areas, so that the autotrophic organisms and the consumers of organic matter act on the productive stability of pastures and forages.

Training actions are also carried out through the study of the volume Genetics is in your hands, in order to support with theoretical and practical information the work of the peasants to preserve, improve and multiply the native and Creole preserves, in addition to  guide on the reproductive behavior and progeny.

The application of the project Livestock adaptation: a proposal for areas of extreme drought in the province of Camagüey stands out for providing practical elements on the efficient use of water and methods of analysis to calculate the capacity of supply sources in wells, rivers and canals to satisfy the demands of consumption in each farm.

 With the purpose of achieving the sustainability and useful life of the livestock systems, in the 13 municipalities of the province several studies are carried out to deepen the factors that affect the resilience of the soil, given by climate changes, the floristic composition, animal management and cultural work. (Maykel Torres La Rosa/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)