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Monday, May 20, 2019
Friday, November 9, 2018

Cuba will arrive this Saturday to 4 million tourists in 2018

Havana, Nov 9. -Cuba will arrive this November 10th to the four million tourists and it is expected to end the year with 750,000 more, said Manuel Marrero in a meeting with tour travel agents, airlines and media in Milan, Italy.

The holder carried out the intervention as part of the actions of the destination for the opening of the winter season, and took the opportunity to remember that this country has always remained among the top 10 tourism markets to the greatest of the Antilles.

He stressed that as part of the development plan and the broad investor process that takes place, this year around five thousand new rooms will be finished, including those of the recently inaugurated Packard and the International Hotel of Varadero, which will open soon.

He announced that for 2019 another five 1250 rooms are expected to be finished, which are in the process of building, and noted that they prepare to build a new five star luxury hotel in Largo Cay.

Marrero highlighted that the island's Ministry of Tourism supports the expansion of hotel management contracts between Italian groups and national networks, and stated that they have worked hardly on several aspects that contribute to raising the quality of the destination.

He recalled that a contract with the Paris Airports Company was already approved for the modernization and subsequent administration of the José Martí International Airport in Havana.

In the same way, it was negotiated the incorporation of two Boing 737 aircrafts with Blue Panorama, that will guarantee international flights and the improvement of the inmates, so necessary for the tours and tourist circuits, referred the headline.

Although it has been delayed, negotiations and contract signatures are accelerated for the acquisition of eight thousand new cars for rent, he said.

He commented that Cuba, as a tourist destination, to maintain its global competitiveness and fundamentally in the Caribbean region, has designed and implemented a strategy for its digital transformation.

To this end, a new official portal was published in the domain, developed on a digital marketing and electronic commerce platform, which will become the main Internet channel to get to know Cuba.

He added that a site for maps was developed and published, where more than 15000 places of interest are currently located, and sites continue to be located geographically to reach the figure of 25000.

To say of Marrero Cuba is working intensely to accelerate the deployment of the Wi-Fi coverage in the tourist facilities, in order to offer Internet access as part of the tourist package.

In the case of hotels, he said, it is expected to cover all the common areas, the rooms and even to reach the beach.

He commented that they have received in the country 147,900 Italian tourists to date, and although it represents a decrease compared to the previous year, he expressed the confidence that the development of joint and timely actions will guarantee a good winter season with this market.

In 2017 a historical record of visitors from the Mediterranean Nation was recorded, with more than 228,000 tourists who could enjoy the benefits of Cuban destiny. (ACN) (Photo: File)