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Saturday, January 25, 2020
Monday, November 12, 2018

Cuba wins four medals at Biology Olympiad in El Salvador

San Salvador, Nov 12. -Cuba won four medals in the recently concluded Central American Biology Olympiad in El Salvador, in which representatives from seven countries took part.

Thalia Morán and Carlos Marrero each won a silver medal, while Xavier Suárez and Enrique Aguilera were bronze in a match dominated by the host team, with two gold medals and two silver ones.

The second Central American and Caribbean Biology Olympiad achieved its goal of fostering the study of this science discipline among youth, and creating a forum for regional cooperation and exchange of experiences.

This edition was attended by participants from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras as an observer, with four student teams, a head of delegation and a tutor.

Erlinda Handal, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, highlighted the importance of these festivals emphasizing youth capabilities and demonstrating that “intelligence is everywhere”, something fostered by this nation. The Olympiad consisted of two theoretical and two practical laboratory tests, allowing participants to get closer to the rich biodiversity of the so-called Thumb of America, land of mountain ranges, mangroves and extensive coastline.

El Salvador's government assists some 2,000 young people with special talents through 15 national academies, in keeping with the strategy of investing in the future through better learning options and access to knowledge.

In fact, at the recent Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad, Salvadorans won two silver and two bronze medals; in Mathematics they won three bronze medals; in Physics two silver and two bronze, demonstrating the rise in these competitions.

“We are expanding the young talent program and now we have a Saturday academy to assist them in each department”, said Handal, who also expects great things from technology parks and national research centers. (Taken from Prensa Latina)