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Saturday, May 30, 2020
Monday, November 12, 2018

Camagüey advances in the application of the Urban Agriculture Program are recognized

Camagüey, Nov 12. -The Program of Urban, Suburban and Familiar Agriculture in the province of Camagüey received a good evaluation, at the end of the route number 82 that the national group that attends this activity conducted in the territory.

Elizabeth Peña Turruellas, head of the aforementioned group, called to take advantage of the potential of each municipality to move forward in the production of vegetables, and to apply science and technologies in the hydroponics and organopónicos (a system of urban organic gardens in Cuba.) reconverted.

She called for greater stability in the workforce and to outline control actions for the collected food to reach the established destinations, to make proper use and management of water and to strengthen training actions.

She recognized as a benchmark at the country level the response given by Camagüey women to the call to produce food and substitute imports, taking advantage of the spaces in family plots and farms.

She praised the municipalities of Camagüey, Minas and Jimaguayú as the most prominent in the urban, suburban and family agriculture program in the province and highlighted the productive potential of the organopónico Tínima, located in the periphery of the capital city.

She noted that agro-industries need to maximize harvest peaks, increase the planting of animal feed, ensure seed quality, obtain more organic matter and recover medicinal plant farms, flowers and ornamental species.

After evaluating the 19 subprograms, development tasks were left for the next route, among which are: to increase the production of vegetables, to strengthen the work in the provincial center of organic fertilizer, to advance in the installation of irrigation systems and to achieve an adequate agro ecological management of pests together with the reproduction centers of Entomophagous and Entomopathogenic organims. (Maykel Torres la Rosa/Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)