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Monday, May 20, 2019
Monday, November 12, 2018

Cuba strengthens health cooperation with 500 new specialists in Venezuela

Havana, Nov 12. -The arrival to Venezuela of the 500 Cuban specialists in General Integral Medicine (MGI) who will support the management and assistance in grassroots institutions in response to the plan of action approved by President Nicolás Maduro in the First Revolutionary Congress of Health, marks the improvement of the work of our medical mission, that with that arrival will complete the 21700 members among doctors and other profiles collaborators in December.

In Franco's symbol of brotherhood, a flight of the Venezuelan airline Conviasa and another of our Cubana de Aviación brought to the land of Bolívar the first two groups of the contingent, composed of doctors with prior international experience in this country, both in popular clinics and in the conduction of the decisive Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI).

Dr. Fernando González Isla, head of the Cuban Medical Mission, referred to the coherence of that response with the priorities of the government of Maduro to create the national public health system, with the idea of Chávez that Barrio Adentro is his pillar.

"As always, Cuba will strengthen the work of its brigade with a view to building the health system devised by the commanders of our revolutions. Public health is a priority and a bulwark of the Bolivarian Revolution and we will defend it with this people," said González Isla.

The doctors will work in the States most required to strengthen the management of their CDI, essential institutions within the Areas of Community Integral Health (ASIC).

"Based on promotion and prevention, we will locate them to lead in all States, but we are going to perfect fundamentally those of Aragua, Amazonas and Miranda. In the same way, we will strengthen with doctors the clinics, especially in Miranda and Sucre, "added the head of the medical mission.

Since the beginning of the Cuban medical collaboration in Venezuela, more than 140,000 health workers have worked here, a very heavy figure in the total of 220,000 Fidel's children who, from several missions and areas of cooperation, have passed from hand to hand through these lands the flag of internationalism. (Enrique Milanese León/Granma) (Photo: File)