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Monday, May 20, 2019
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A multinational event of the International Democratic Federation of Women met in Havana

Havana, Nov13. -The demand for equal pay for equal work, the struggle against gender violence and in favor of sexual and reproductive rights, as well as the undisputed relationship between capitalism and patriarchy, constitute some of the topics evaluated by the International Democratic Federation of Women (FDIM) in its World Secretariat 2018, based in Havana.

Alicia Campos Pérez, coordinator of the Regional Office of FDIM for America and the Caribbean, highlighted the impact of this multinational meeting, right in the middle of the balance sheet process with a view to the next congress of that platform in 2020.

“The Federation of Cuban Women is immersed in its 10th Congress and  it is particularly relevant that the FDIM, an institution concerned with all the processes of solidarity and peace that are developing in the world right now, chooses Cuba to gather its world secretariat World. Here we will begin the evaluation of the global and regional campaigns that were approved last year in Rome and new campaigns will be proposed for the period we just started,” said Campos Pérez.

Lorena Peña Mendoza, president of the FDIM, valued as essential this meeting in Havana with the presence of the 10 deputy-presidents representing the regions of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, and highlighted as one of the main issues to address the growing state of precariousness imposed by oligarchic groups on women mainly from Europe and Latin America.

 Likewise, the federation leader also warned about the existence of a “geopolitics" of gender-based violence, explained in the direct proportion: a greater number of wars and imperialist aggressions, a greater number of violated women. (Text and photo: Granma)