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Sunday, August 25, 2019
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Popular Consultation on Draft Constitution concludes in Cuba

Havana, Nov 15. -The popular consultation on the new Cuban Draft Constitution ends this Thursday after 14 weeks of meetings in communities, workplaces and schools, a process in which thousands of residents abroad also participated.

Discussions began on August 13th in the 15 Cuban provinces, representing a total reform of the constitution in force since 1976, with changes in the structure of the State, expansion of individual rights, the recognition of market and private property, and the strengthening of people's power in the base.

The document also ratifies the irrevocable nature of socialism in Cuba and the leading role of the Communist Party in the society.

According to preliminary data, more than seven million Cubans participated in the consultation called to enrich the law of laws approved on July 22nd by the National People's Power Assembly.

During the process, about one and a half million interventions were made, with more than 560,000 proposals for modification, about 30,000 additions and about 38,000 eliminations.

The Council of State Secretary Homero Acosta assured that the population's opinions are taken into account in the mechanism of processing and analysis of the information derived from the process.

“No opinion will be ignored, which does not mean that we can include them all, but each, however simple, should be analyzed,” said the member of the parliamentary commission in charge of drafting the Constitution, which should be approved in a referendum, by late February.

Acosta said that several criteria not included in the Constitution could be considered in the elaboration of laws that are built to materialize it.

Regarding the closure of the consultation, the National Assembly convened a world message action through Twitter on Thursday, so people can share their experiences on social media at #Cuba, #HacemosCuba and #ReformaConstitucional. (Taken from Prensa Latina)