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Monday, October 21, 2019
Monday, November 19, 2018

Pastors for Peace visit Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Cuba

Havana, Nov 19. -The President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), Fernando González Llort, exchanged views with the press during the visit of Pastors for Peace to the patrimonial cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, in Santiago de Cuba.

The Pastors for Peace caravan for 29 consecutive years has come to Cuba in frank defiance of the North American regulations of the blockade, he said.

This project of Lucius Walker always received the attention of the Cuban people and the Commander in Chief, it is an admirable gesture of these people who travel in caravans all over the territory of the United States transmitting the truth about Cuba, they are already joined by people from other countries, he said.

The President of ICAP highlighted the donations that the Pastors for Peace caravan has brought to Cuba over the years. They continue to work and next year we will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the project, something we already have to think about, he said.

This project is a symbol of what at some point will be the relations of friendship and closeness between the peoples of Cuba and the United States. That moment will come, we have resisted all these years and we will continue resisting, but history is not stopped by anyone and that is the natural course of history, said Fernando Gonzalez. (Taken from ACN)