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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

WIM Linares wins national chess championship

 Havana, Cuba, Feb 12.- WIM Oleiny Linares won the 2019 Cuban Women´s Senior Chess Championships held in the eastern province of Holguin.

 It was a very leveled contest as she amounted 8 points from possible 11 and finished tied with Yenisbel Miranda, but had better tiebreaker than her teammate in the national squad.

 This was the third domestic crown of Linares, who remained undefeated, with five wins and six draws; while Miranda, 2017 champion, totaled one more victory (6) and four draws, but lost once.

A surprising and pleasant news was the third seat reached by Yaniela Forgas with 7.5 units, since she is representative of a less experienced generation, although she has already attended several times these events.

 Much could be said about other details, such as the final comebacks of the defending champion, Lisandra Llaudy, or Yaniet Marrero, two of the favorites, but unstable at the beginning and finally ranked fourth and fifth with 6.5 points each.

Final standings:

1. Oleiny Linares (8 points)

2. Yerisbel Miranda (8)

3. Yaniela Forgas (7.5)

4. Lisandra Llaudy (6.5)

5. Yaniet Marrero (6.5)

6. Yoana Gonzalez (6.5)

7. Maritza Arribas (5.5)

8. Roxangel Obregon (5.5)

9. Leannet Bosch (4)

10. Vivian Ramon (3)

11. Karla Fernandez (3)

12. Leancy Fernandez (2.5)