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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bank of England Demanded to Unblock Gold Confiscated from Venezuela

London, Feb 24.- Dozens of people protested yesterday before the Bank of England for preventing the government of Venezuela from acceding to 1.3 billion pounds of gold that Caracas keeps in the coffers of the British institution.

Bank of England we demand that you return the gold to Venezuela, shouted the protesters assembled this Saturday in front of the old building located in the heart of the London financial district.

The activists, who were summoned by the Campaign of Solidarity with Venezuela in the United Kingdom, also deployed a large cloth at the entrance of the bank where they described as shameful the attitude assumed by the Entity in charge of dictating the monetary policy of the United Kingdom.


Several speakers, including the former Mayor of London and former Labor Party member Ken Livingstone, also lambasted the conservative government of Prime Minister Theresa May for supporting the crusade of US President Donald Trump against the South American country.

The reason for what happens in Venezuela is that the United States is behind Venezuelan oil, Livingstone told Prensa Latina.

The veteran London politician also attacked the information policy of the British media about the Venezuelan reality.

I have never read in our press anything about the achievements reached by then President Hugo Chávez in education, public health and social welfare for his people, complained the former mayor (2000-2008), who recalled that during his term he had the opportunity to meet with the extinct Bolivian leader.

Sheila Rubio, of the Communist Revolutionary Group, also criticized the British government for its support for the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, after denouncing that it is a well-assembled operation by the United States to overthrow, he said, the legitimate president of the nation. South American, Nicolás Maduro.

In Venezuela, the vote is electronic, the activist recalled, referring to the fraud claims made by the Venezuelan opposition.

Also participating in the protest against the Bank of England were members of the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba and the Labor Party, as well as representatives of other social and political organizations in the United Kingdom. (Prensa Latina)