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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mexico Launches National Plan to Prevent Violence against Women

Mexico, Mar 6.-President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presented Wednesday at his morning conference a national plan for the prevention of violence against women and girls to be implemented immediately in Mexico.

The President reiterated that his government, made up of men and women without sex discrimination, is committed to addressing this problem in depth with an effective plan of action and with the participation of all the factors involved in such a sensitive issue.

This plan was presented by the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez, who issued the shocking figure that 66 out of every 100 Mexican women suffer some kind of domestic violence or other, and assured that in 2018 3,580 were murdered throughout the country, that is, one feminicide every 160 minutes, nine per day, including girls.

This inhuman violence, she said, occurs both in the family and in public spaces and the lack of timely intervention by the State to preserve their lives and guarantee their physical and moral integrity and their social well-being is appreciated.

Based on these premises, Sanchez said, a special plan of action was designed to guarantee women's and girls' safety and life with the intervention of the three levels of government, municipal, regional and federal, and the other authorities coordinated to act immediately.

Inmujeres director, Nadine Gasman, explained details of the project already underway to care for women and girls from the serious crisis of violation of their human rights, which has forced to make emergency declarations in 17 states of the country that deserve coordinated intervention.

She said the plan has clear objectives such as State intervention, prevention, care, eradication of violence, and creation of mechanisms to coordinate all planned actions among the factors involved in its execution.

She also added that public security should be increased to provide justice, legal care for victims, strengthen the national system of care, address and punish violence against women, achieve comprehensive protection and create an advisory council made up of specialists who will propose additional actions to be added to the plan.

She clarified that some actions will be implemented immediately and others within six months, but all in coordination with government levels and taking into consideration priority areas, that is, those where violence is most serious. That would be a first strategy, she indicated.

A second prevention strategy, she added, is to strengthen cooperation in all police, victim care systems, judicial authorities, and health personnel to place particular emphasis on linking this service with educational and case follow-up mechanisms, especially child abuse.

The third strategy of the plan, she added, is in the prevention area to stop crimes in public spaces where municipal governments have to act to eliminate or mitigate risk factors for women and girls, such as public transportation, hotels and lodgings.

She announced that cell phone applications and web pages will be developed for women and girls to access as part of the protection they will be given, as well as permanent campaigns on the right to a life without violence.(Prensa Latina)