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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Camagüey Contemporary Ballet to Perform in New York

Camaguey, Mar 6.- The Contemporary Ballet of this city is getting ready this Tuesday for the festival Cuba Aquí!, organized by Hunter University, New York, for March 12 and 13 at the Kaye Playhouse.

The director of the company, Yaylin Ortiz, said that 'the invitation is the result of an artistic, pedagogical and cultural project, which has been going on for five years thanks to the organization of The Windows Project, headed by Cuban-American Pedro Ruiz.

The also professor of the Department of Dance at Hunter University, 'fell in love with the city of Camagüey, the dance and the characteristics of our company, which will exhibit in this opportunity his works, Guajira, Beyond the sea, and Walking my soul,' Ortiz told Prensa Latina.

'It will be a very complicated challenge because New York is the dance square par excellence, and this time we intend to bring the elements that resemble the choreographic aesthetics of Ruiz, without ignoring traditional elements and Cuban rhythms, the rumba, the danzon,' he said.

The director of the Camagüeyan group explained that Guajira reflects the memories of Ruiz's childhood in the fields of Cuba and Beyond the Sea, inspired by the life of Sardinia, Italy.

'Paseando mi alma, will have the appeal of the music of Dafnis Prieto, Grammy winner for Afrocuban Latin jazz,' she said.

From the musical point of view, confessed who has been at the head of the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey for four years, 'Paseando is a jewel because it shows an eclectic, globalized, open Cuba, permeated by universal culture.

Founded in 2002, the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey is 'identified by fusing classical style with contemporary dance, a mixture of elements to achieve a stylized product, far from a certain crudity of contemporary dance, without becoming classical ballet', argued Ortiz.

The Cuba Here! festival was intended to take place in 2017, although diplomatic tensions between Cuba and the United States led to its suspension until 2019.

It will be the second experience of the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey on American soil, since its incursion into the Fire Island Dance Festival, in 2016, with the work 'Abrazo perdurable', to become the first Cuban company to attend the New York event. (Prensa Latina)