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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Monday, March 11, 2019

Venezuela Suspends Classes and Work Activities

Caracas, Mar 11.-Venezuelan government determined to suspend classes and work activities on Monday due to the national energy system has been restored.

The interruption of these activities responds that the country is redoubling efforts since Thursday to fully return electricity after several sabotages against electric service in which 18 states and more than 70 percent of the territory were affected.

Jorge Rodriguez, Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism, said that the measure led by President Nicolas Maduro seeks to stop those attacks.

'We are fighting this brutal terrorist attack, the president is leading all processes involved, we will ensure all Venezuelan people recover their calm which has been affected by the criminal and selfish action', he denounced.

Rodriguez, speaking to state TV channel Venezolana de Television, insisted the sabotage in the El Guri hydroelectric plant had political purposes for the Venezuelan extreme-right and its owners.

'While these hate, death and violence factors are gloating and again showing fake news to insist on their destabilization plans, the Head of State has ordered a deployment of his entire body of ministers, deputy ministers, directors of institutes and hospitals so all people have a permanent attention', he added.(Prensa Latina)