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Thursday, July 18, 2019
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Argentine Documentary Wins Grand Prize Santiago Alvarez

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 12.-Troperos, the first documentary by Argentine Nicolas Detry, won the Santiago Alvarez Grand Prize at the 17th Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam International Festival of Documentary Films that ended Tuesday with the participation of 16 works from 11 countries.

The first three awards went to Strike a Pose, by Ester Gould and ReijerZwaan from Holland-Belgium; Fanon Yesterday, Today by HassaneMezine from France-Algeria, and Side B, also opera prima by Ricardo Yebra from Spain, respectively.

The jury, headed by renowned filmmaker Jorge Fuentes, recognized as best opera prima Fire Mouth by Luciano Perez Fernandez from Brazil, and as a project Benny More's Last Days by Cuban Damian Perez Tellez while in the direction and photography also awarded Detry.

There were also awarded in screenplay Fanon Yesterday, Today; in soundtrack and editing Strike a Pose, while the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños did it with the documentary series Adolescence, Damocles´Sword from the Cuban telecentre Tunas Vision.

During the last day of the event, which celebrated the centenary of Santiago Alvarez and 60 years of Cuban cinema in Revolution, it was announced that the coming event will be dedicated to Canada and will commit again for the validity of a cinematographic genre renewed with the times and technologies.

The theoretical seminar of this edition had significant solidarity moments with Venezuela in response to the imperial onslaught and added voices to the need to show with solid arguments, in images and sounds, the resistance of that people in defense of the conquests of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Artificer of the ICAIC News, declared World Memory by UNESCO, Santiago Alvarez left in 1998 when he died a vast trajectory that made him transcend in the Latin American and world cinema with documentaries that renewed the genre and reflected palpitating realities of the world.(Prensa Latina)