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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Ecuadorian Social Organizations Support UNASUR

Quito, Mar 20.- Many social organizations in Ecuador expressed Wednesday their disagreement with the recent announcement by President Lenin Moreno to initiate procedures for the official withdrawal of this country from the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Under the pronouncement: 'Defend UNASUR ', more than 30 movements and signatories considered this decision to be another step towards weakening the South American integration of nations.

We strongly repudiate such an act, which not only betrays the postulates that led Lenin Moreno to the Presidency, but also the Bolivarian ideal, that of the honest women and men of our Great Homeland, a statement posted on social media stresses.

Those who joined the document also considered that the arguments drafted constitute a pretext to cover up a radical change in the country's foreign policy, ever more distanced from the Bolivarian dream of sovereign integration of the nations.

Although it is true that UNASUR is going through a time of crisis, as a result of the unilateral decisions of some of the current administration to abandon it, that would not be a sufficient reason for the Ecuadorian government to withdraw from the Union,' they uphold.

Instead, they pointed out that in its role as host, the historic commitment assumed by this South American territory should be transformed into a permanent effort to overcome temporary difficulties and become an active driver of Latin American unity, strengthening existing institutions and not neglecting them.

The pronouncement finally recalls that regional union is a long-term project, with many obstacles faced in the past two centuries, a time in which other short-sighted governments have attempted to boycott that principle. (Prensa Latina)