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Monday, October 14, 2019
Thursday, March 21, 2019

In Cubagua 2019 Italy Reiterates interest in the Island's Market

Havana, Mar 21.- Italy, one of the countries exhibiting its products at the 2019 Cubagua International Convention, today reiterated the interest of its companies in the Cuban market.

Mauro De Tommasi, director of the Office in Cuba of the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade (ICE Havana), told Prensa Latina that the interest of our small and medium enterprises in this market is still alive.

De Tommasi highlighted the participation in the main fairs of the sector that take place on the island, either through business assistance orders as in the case of Cubagua, and as an organization of collective business presence, as a country, which will be the case of the traditional International Fair in Havana.

In this sense, he referred to the presence in Cubagua of firms known as IBC Resigum and Tecofil International and, 'another one that is beginning its way through this market, as Pool Global Tecno'.

IBC Resigum is specialized in repair cycles and architectural structural remodeling of hydraulic works with innovative systems, aimed at the resistance of climatic phenomena on a large scale.

For its part, Tecofil International is a leader in the design, construction and installation of equipment and systems for the treatment of primary water, waste water and sludge, mainly from the purification processes of civil and industrial waste.

Tecofil International exhibits in Cubagua machinery and equipment already installed and functional in various Cuban institutions going from hospitals to factories.

De Tommasi explained that the presentation of Pool Global Tecno is with the idea of proposing its professionalism in the sector of installation and execution of swimming pools using the best technologies that exist in the market.

Delegates from more than 16 countries attend the International Convention Cubagua 2019, which is taking place in the Convention Palace of this capital, under the slogan 'Water in harmony with a sustainable world'.

The closing of the Convention will coincide with World Water Day which is celebrated annually on March 22 as a means of drawing attention to the importance of fresh water. (Prensa Latina)