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Friday, April 26, 2019

In Camagüey Specialists Debate about Independent Cinema

Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 26.- The Fourth Meeting on Audiovisual Culture and Digital Technologies, which began today in this central-eastern region, held a special theoretical section to understand legislative aspects of independent film production in Cuba.

The Panel on the Decree-Law of the independent audiovisual and cinematographic creator was a central point 'because of the social need to legislate more in times of new technologies that invade us', said Juan Antonio García, film critic and main organizer of the event.

Vital legal issues were explained by the Vice President of International Relations of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry (Icaic), Tania Delgado, who referred to the approval this year of a policy that is governed by everything legislated in the recently approved Constitution of the Republic.

'In the Decree was approved the recognition of the independent creator, a group of creation, registration for artists, a Development Fund for Development, approved by the Cuban Government, and a Film Commission, which will promote the work of people who do not they are directly linked to Icaic,' he clarified.

'We are talking about an interest to promote the country as a film destination, with a legislative structure that even has a Production Office, with filming permits that can be with foreign entities,' Delgado said.

Even without a date of application because it will come into force after being published in the Official Gazette of Cuba, the new Decree-Law and its resolutions involve important entities such as the Ministry of Culture and National Banking, and structural adjustments to enable audiovisual production in Cuba, said the specialist.

The official considered that the legislation of the broad movement of the Antillean audiovisual industry has very peculiar characteristics that define it, and that are taken into account in this new policy that came to stay with its perfectible challenges, he concluded.

The heritage city of Camagüey is home these days in addition to the eighth edition of the International Video Art Festival, both events make the city the capital of audiovisual creation in the largest of the Antilles. (Prensa Latina)