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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

German Journalist Highlights Example of Cuban Revolution

Berlin, May 22.- Cuba currently is showing that solidarity and internationalist relations can take the place of domination, hegemony and wars, said German journalist Volker Hermsdorf.

During the celebration of Conference 60 and more, in the western city of Bochum, Hermsdorf stressed the importance of the Cuban Revolution and 'the priority given by the Cuban government to its citizens, who actively participate in the decisions that concern them'.

The event, held at Thealozzi cultural center, was attended by about a hundred people and was hosted by the German Network of Solidarity with Cuba, an alliance of more than 40 groups and initiatives.

Cuban historians Francisca Lopez Civeira and Fabio Fernandez Batista and German actor Rolf Becker were among the participants.

During her speech, Lopez highlighted the need to study the life and work of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, whose thought 'must be part of everyday life and be an example in the struggle for the brotherhood of peoples and solidarity.

Fidel continues to be a very important reference. He must always accompany us in the search for strategies for internal development and for confrontation with external enemy forces', she stressed.

“In the knowledge of his work and of his thought we have a solid base to trace the path that the Revolution must follow in Cuba and in its international context, above all, in the region that Jose Marti called Our America, so guarded by North American imperialism”, she asserted.(PL)