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Friday, February 28, 2020
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Cuba, Reference in Preventing and Treating Diabetes

Havana, May 23.- Cuba has been an international reference in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, considered a global catastrophe in health, Ileydis Iglesias, director of the National Institute of Endocrinology, said.

In statements to Prensa Latina, in the context of the 1st International Diabetes Congress taking place at the Conference Center in Havana until May 24, the specialist highlighted that Cuba is the country with the best glycemic control of its patients, the Pan-American Health Organization has acknowledged.

This is possible despite the limitations the nation has such as not having a continuous monitoring blood glucose meter or an insulin infusion pump for patients who do not resolve with multiple injections, because they are devices made with US technology.

Referring to the benefits Cuban patients receive, Iglesias mentioned several existing programs such as assisting diabetic women during pregnancy, with multidisciplinary teams in gynecological and obstetric hospitals, in addition to those aimed at children and adolescents with this chronic disease.

She also highlighted a program dedicated to elderly care, since the highest prevalence of diabetes in Cuba occurs in people aged 60 years and older, with figures that go up to more than 200 people per 1,000 inhabitants.

According to the physician, Cuba is the Latin American country with more endocrinology specialists, which is another achievement, along with the discovery of Heberprot-P, a unique medicine that has managed to reduce more than 70 percent of amputations. (Prensa Latina)