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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Leydi Laura Moya and Lester Ders in Pentathlon World Championship

Havana, September 4. - Cubans Leydi Laura Moya and Lester Ders will make their debut on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, in the individual events of the Pentathlon World Championship, in Budapest Hungary.

Moya, triple-medalist in the Lima 2019 Pan-Am Games, is part of one of the groups of over 20 athletes, all of them are looking for qualifying to the Women´s Finals, set to be held on Friday.

Leydi Laura Moya told the Cuban sports website Jit, ``in the Mixed competition, Lester and I have better chances than in the Individual, for the program of the Olympic Games does not include it and those who are not qualified for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will focus on the Individual event.´´

``Today (Monday) we only swam a bit because we are tired from the long trip. It is hot, but it is fresher than in Cuba, a real nice temperature´´. 27-year old Moya posted on Facebook. (RHC)