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Sunday, September 20, 2020
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cuban Minister for Industry visits major factories in Nuevitas,Camaguey

Nuevitas, Camagüey, sep. 10 - On a working visit , Alfredo López Valdés, Cuban Minister for Industry, called to maintain worker's motiavtion and to use available resources wisely at the Factory of  Fertilisers and Pesticides belonging to the Revolución de Octubre Chemical Industry, in Nuevitas.

López Valdés congartulated technicians, who have become skillful operators at decissive times, showing a high sense of commitment.

During talks with workers and executives, López Valdés learned about the actions carried out to maintain production, and how they contribute to the nation's economy and the Cuban families throughout  better incomes.

The Factory of Wire and Electrodes,belonging to the Steel Industry Basic Unit  in Camaguey, was another destination hit by the Minister. The unit, which was at its height in the 80's decade, has been called to increase production for strategic programs such as agriculture and construction.

Both enterprises had been subject to scrutiny in june 2019, during a Miguel Díaz-Canel-led state visit by the Council of Ministers in Camaguey.

Accompanied by local top governmet officials, the Minister spoke with the members of a local non-agricultural recycling cooperative and showed interest in the optimization of their procedures, based on their positive economic indicators.

At the Nursing Home, the Minister spoke with the staff and congratulated them on their whole-hearted effort, taking into account that the province  goes 6th in the national aging population rate.

The Minister's visit to Nuevitas is an example of the Cuban Government work style, aiming at decentralizing government management and the systematic checking of development programs. (Lauris Henriquez Arocha/ Radio Nuevitas) (Photo: Archive)