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Friday, September 25, 2020
Monday, September 16, 2019

Cuban foreign minister warns about dangerous US policy

Havana, September 16 - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has warned that the U.S. government will seek a foreign policy success at all costs in the face of its complicated economic situation.

“There has not been the expected growth, the tax-reducing policies, the low interest rates or the commercial war have not yielded the desired results,” he wrote on Twitter.

Bruno Rodriguez expressed concern about Washington's response to an economy shaken by President Donald Trump's trade war against China.  In that sense, experts from Morgan Stanley Investment Bank and Moody's Financial research agency,  warned of a possible recession due to the trade conflict.

The dispute has a larger-than-expected effect on the U.S. economy, Goldman Sachs recently warned.   Domestically, the U.S. Federal Reserve recently voiced its concern about moderate inflation in the country and referred to possible further reductions in the value of money if necessary. (RHC)