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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Friday, September 20, 2019

MINSAP for Prioritizing Medical Emergency Transportation

Havana, Sept. 20 - One of the priorities for the national public health system in the nation´s current energy circumstances is the guarantee about the ambulances services as an essential component of the population´s health care system.

Doctor Luis Enrique Pérez Ulloa, who is the chief of the Emergency and Transplant of the Health Ministry (MINSAP), explained to the local Gramma Newspaper the increased availability level of the clinics and other health centers of the municipalities that prevent the patients´ unnecessary transfer to the provincial centers.

“The principal pointed out that it has been prioritized the emergency services throughout all the related health centers and that is to say the human resources and non-reusable material and equipment. Moreover, he highlighted that the ambulances’ transportation will be guaranteed for those patients who might need it. There is a group of patients who can be transferred using other means of transportation and that does not mean a risk for their lives. However, the ambulances´tranfer will be guaranteed for those ones who might not require it.” Luis Enrique Pérez Ulloa pointed out.

The Heath Public Ministry has a sustainable program for the ambulance service that is intensified to continue that service improvement. (RHC)