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Sunday, September 27, 2020
Monday, October 7, 2019

Cuba participates in International Tourism Fair in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Oct 7 - Cuba's flavor and authenticity have attracted visitors at the International Tourism Fair of Latin America (FIT 2019), where the Caribbean nation is promoting a safe, unique, tropical island with great connections with Argentina.

Since the opening session on Saturday, the Cuban stand at La Rural exhibition center has been visited by hundreds of people interested in learning more about a country that is very close to Argentina, one of the island's major tourist-sending markets.

Those who have visited Cuba, even several times, are seeking a taste of their memories and hope to return to Havana, while others are interested in learning about the options provided by tour operators for the upcoming summer season in the southern hemisphere.

On this occasion, Havana, which is about to celebrate its 500th anniversary in November, is Cuba's star destination.

Meanwhile, other visitors have danced with Cuban orchestras, or inquired about the options exhibited by Havantur Argentina, the healthcare company Geomedica, tour operators or Cubana de Aviacion.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, the Councillor for Tourism for the Southern Cone at the Cuban Embassy in Argentina, Janet Ayala, noted that over the past ten years, Argentina has become one of Cuba's top ten tourist-sending markets.

So far this year, more than 76,000 Argentinean holidaymakers have visited Cuba, and tourist arrivals from this country grew by more than 65% and 40% in August and September, respectively, the official added.

Ayala pointed out that the Argentinean market is of great importance; therefore, a large delegation, made up of representatives from Cuban hotel chains, travel agencies and partners, is present at the Fair.

She described Cuba as a safe destination that offers Argentineans many options, including sun, beaches, health facilities and natural environments.

Our country is a destination above for family tourism, for young people, and in that regard, we have found out that there is a high demand here from those who have traveled to Cuba four or five times and want to return, she added.(PL)