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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Camagüey will receive delegates to the VII International Meeting of Agroecology

Camagüey, Oct. 28.- The visit to nine farms that implement agroecological practices in the province of Camagüey is included in the program of the VII International Meeting of Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperativism, which will take place November 17/23, in Havana.

Roberto Reina Rodríguez, a member of the Provincial Bureau of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), informed ACN that the tour will include properties in the municipalities of Florida, Santa Cruz del Sur and Sierra de Cubitas.

All these properties are certified by the MCC, an initiative applied in Cuba since the 90´s, to which 15 farms in Camagüey are members, five of them recently endorsed, said the official.

The use of organic fertilizers, natural coverings, live and dead barriers, animal traction for soil tillage and windbreak curtains are practices developed in this province, as well as polyculture, biodigesters and agroecological management of efficient microorganisms.

In the same way, cattle farms work in multiplying protein plants harvest, highly important in the sustainability for animal feeding sustainability.

Camagüey has 12,387 farms, of which 3011 belong to the MCC, and 659 are in transition, while 134 are proposed to be included.

When making the call for the VII International Meeting of Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperativism, the national coordinator of the MCC, Adilén Roque Jaime, said that this forum will contribute to materialize the commitment of the Cuban peasantry to raise their productions.

The event is expected to involve 250 delegates, many of them from a hundred institutions that are members of La Vía Campesina, an international movement to which Cuba belongs and which groups organizations of farmers, small and medium producers, rural women, indigenous communities, migrant farm workers, youths and landless laborers.

At present, the country has more than 159,000 farms that apply Agroecology in different categories, to increase the contribution of healthy foods and counteract the effects of climate change. (ACN) (Collage: Archive)