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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Statements at UN General Assembly call for immediate end of the US blockade

United Nations. November 6 - For the 28th consecutive year, the United Nations General Assembly is holding a debate before the vote on a resolution calling for the end of the economic blockade the United States has imposed on its neighboring Cuba for almost six decades.

The debate, scheduled for two days this year, began, as it is customary, with remarks by regional groups.

The first to take the floor was Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour, who voiced the group’s concern on the prolonged impact of the blockade on the Cuban people.

Mohamed Khaled Khiari, Tunisian diplomat, speaking on behalf of the African Group, told the General Assembly that his regional bloc remains firmly committed in its solidarity with Cuba and on the island’s plight to see the end of the hostile measure imposed by the US for almost six decades.

He added that this unilateral encirclement denies the collective aspiration to defend the ideas of multilateralism, as provided for in the United Nations Charter, and noted that the African Group would overwhelmingly vote in favor of the resolution to be presented by the island.

Meanwhile, the Non-Aligned Movement, represented by Ambassador Yasar Aliyev, Permanent Representative from Azerbaijan, said the Movement rejects all unilateral coercive measures and added that the blockade is a violation of international law, and urged the US government to put an end to the action.

He also recalled that this position was reaffirmed at the most recent Summit of the Movement held in Baku.

Keisha  McGuire, Permanent Representative of Grenada spoke on behalf of CARICOM. She said her regional bloc sees Cuba as an integral part of our civilization which threatens no one. We view the economic embargo as an impediment to regional development...”

Vice-minister of Foreign relations of Russia, Alexander Pankin categorically rejected the current sanctions campaign being waged by the United against Cuba and stressed the escalation in its hostility towards Cuba and the countries is clearly aimed at those countries who do not bend to Washington’s dictates

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez is in participating in the debate that is expected to conclude with the vote on the resolution on Thursday. (RHC)