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Monday, July 13, 2020
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Former Brazilian president warns the country is being sold off

Brasilia, Nov 6 - Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff warned that the current government is selling off the country's future with an auction of several oil blocs, which will do unprecedented damage to national sovereignty.

On Wednesday, 'a crime will be committed against Brazil, one more, undoubtedly one of the most serious, against a country that, on clashing with the abuses committed by the extreme right-wing president (Jair Bolsonaro), may face difficulties to realize that the Economy minister (Paulo Guedes) is imposing, without any ceremony, the most brutal and destructive neoliberal agenda,' Rousseff stated on her website

She warned that the auction of the surplus oil reserve will represent 'a very serious attack and unprecedented damage to our sovereignty.' Rousseff noted that 'giving away our natural wealth to foreigners and depriving Brazilians of the resources that belong to them will be an irreparable loss. A true crime of damage to the homeland that only a national mobilization can prevent.'

The former president (2011-2016) said that the Association of Engineers of the state-owned company Petrobras undertook an exhaustive study on the auction which showed that 'Brazil will suffer unprecedented losses that would be prevented if, instead of transferring the exploitation of the wells to international companies, the government exercised the legal right to hire Petrobras directly for that work.'

Rousseff warned that the oil companies will be authorized to offer a series of discounts and exchange debts for the oil produced in the future, thus reducing royalties and the social fund.

According to Rousseff, 'the current government is giving away our greatest resource and our future as a nation. And it reduces to dust the law approved by (former President Luis Inacio) Lula (da Silva) that guarantees preferences to Petrobras to explore surplus oil.'(PL)