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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Friday, November 8, 2019

Cuba presents an attractive and safe tourist destination in China

Beijing, Nov 8 - Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero presented in China on Friday the Caribbean nation's attractions as an authentic and safe tourist destination and detailed some of the plans to increase the arrival of Chinese visitors.

The Cuban minister, who is on a working visit to China, led a promotional event where he detailed business opportunities for foreign investment in the sector and outlined the potentialities of the Chinese market.

Speaking before an audience made up of Chinese media, tour operators and travel agencies, the Cuban minister announced some of the actions to encourage the arrival of tourists from this country to Cuba, a figure that has increased considerably in recent years to reach 50,000 in 2018.

Among the major measures to meet the goal of 'doubling the arrival of Chinese travelers in three years,' Marrero mentioned the appointment of a tourism counsellor at the Cuban embassy in Beijing in early 2020, and the opening of a Havatur office in Shanghai.

He also noted the declaration of 2021 as the year of tourist exchanges between China and Cuba, and announced that this country will be the guest of honor at the International Tourism Fair to be held in Cuba next year.

Marrero denounced that the unilateral measures and the blockade imposed by the United States have cost the Cuban tourism industry more than US$35 billion.

However, despite the adversities, the Cuban government's investment plan in tourism continues apace and the sector is strengthened as one of the main engines of economy.(PL)