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Friday, December 13, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ecuador terminates Cuban medical collaboration in that country

Quito, Nov 13 - TheGovernmentMinister of Ecuador, María Paula Romo, announcedtheend of medical collaborationagreementsbetween Cuba and thisAndean country, whereprofessionalsfromtheCaribbeanarchipelagowork in varioushealthspecialties.

'Thegovernment of Ecuador has decided to terminatethelastagreementbetweentheMinistries of Health of bothcountries (...) Itmeansthatagreementswillnot be renewed, therewill be no new agreements in thismodalitybetweentheMinistry of Health of Ecuador and theMinistry of Health of Cuba,' Romo said in statements to thepress.

FromtheCarondelet Palace, headquarters of thepresidency, theownerestimated at around 400 the places thatwill be vacant and will be filled, as advanced, mainlybyEcuadorianspecialists.

'Thoseagreementswill be replacedwiththehiring of Ecuadoriandoctors,' he reiterated.

Thesecretary of stateinsistedtherewill be more orless 400 availablelocations, in correspondencewiththe places currentlyoccupiedby Cuban experts in centers belonging to theMinistry of PublicHealth. (PL)