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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Spanish King and Queen tour Old Havana, decorateEusbeio Leal

Havana, November13 (RHC)-- TheirMajestiesthe King and Queen of Spainbeganthesecondday of theirStatevisit to Cuba visiting El Templete, monumentthatremembersthefirstmasscelebrated in Havana in 1519.

The City Historian, Eusebio Leal, explaineddetailsabouttheconstruction and thesurrounding Plaza de Armas, and escorted Don Felipe VI and Dona Letizia to the Palace of the General Captains -currently, the City Museum-, whereonarrivaltheywerephotographedunderthebalcony of the Palace wheretheembroideredHavanaCoat of Armshung.

Thevelvetwasmanufactured in the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid and donated bytheirMajestiesontheoccasion of thevisit, anfthe 500th anniversary of Havana.

Next, insidethebuilding, the King receivedfromthepresident of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power, Reinaldo García Zapata, "La Giraldilla", a sculpted figure thatsymbolizesthecity of Havana.

Afterthevisit to the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, Don Felipe presentedthe Great Cross of Carlos III to Eusebio Leal.

Afterreceivingsuch a highdistinction, Leal made a briefspeech in which he referred to theimportance of keeping in mindtheconcepts of Homeland and Nation and recalledthehistorical links betweenSpain and Cuba.

The Historian of Havanaaffirmedthatpart of the culture and idiosyncrasy of theCaribbeanislandis a result of theSpanishpresence in thenationalterritory.

Then, in statements to thepress, he stressedthe indeclinable commitment to continueworkingontherestoration of emblematicsites in Havana, withthesupport of thedifferentforms of cooperation to "continuedisplaying to theworldone of themostbeautifulworks of Hispanic American architecture and, at thesame time, serve as a source of pride and moral strengthforthe Cuban people.”