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Thursday, February 27, 2020
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Evo Morales: coupwasaccomplished in Bolivia with Añez proclamation

Mexico, Nov 13 - Bolivian leader Evo Morales denouncedfromthis country where he wasgrantedasylum, thatwiththeproclamation of oppositionsenatorJeanineÁñez Chávez, as interimpresident of Bolivia, thecoupd'etatwasaccomplished.

In a tweet, the ex-presidentsaid 'themostartful and disastrouscoup in history' hadbeenaccomplished, and disqualifiedtheconditionsunderwhichÁñez Chávez took office.

'Themostartful and disastrousblow in history has beenconsummated. A coupistright-wingsenatorcallsherselfpresident of theSenate and thusinterimpresident of Bolivia without a legislative quorum,' said Morales Ayma.

He addedthatthecoupwasaccomplished 'ontheblood of brotherskilledbypolice and militaryforcesusedforthecoup.'

'I denouncebeforetheinternationalcommunitythattheact of self-proclamation of a senator as presidentviolatestheConstitution of Bolivia and theinternal rules of theLegislativeAssembly,' he reiterated.

Áñez Chávez, second vice president of theSenate, hadproclaimedherselfmomentsbeforethepresident of theupperhouse in theabsence of the head of thebody and first vice president, allegedlyasylumseekers at theMexicanembassy in Bolivia.

'Wewant to callelections as soon as possible,' he said in a speech. TheConstitutionestablishesthataftertheresignation of President Evo Morales onSunday, the Vice President, the head of theSenateorthe head of Deputiesshouldassumethe line in succession, butallalsoresignedfromtheir positions.

Morales resignedlastSunday as presidentafter a demandfromthemilitary and aftertheOrganization of American Stateslaunchedanallegedreportonsupposedseriousirregularities in theelections of October 20, triggeringthecoup.(PL)