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Monday, December 16, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Trumpadministration'sreduction of commercialflightsimpact Cuban families

Camaguey, November 13 - Fiftypercent of theflights at Ignacio AgramonteLoynaz International Airport in Camaguey, central Cuba, will be affected as of December 10, withthetermination of flightsby JetBlue Airways and American Airlines, as a consequence of themeasuresannouncedbythe Donald Trumpadministration.

TheUnitedStatesrecentlyannouncedthesuspension of flightsfromitsterritory to ninedestinations in Cuba, exceptHavana, as part of thetightening of itseconomic, commercial and financialblockadeagainsttheisland.

Both American companiesarrivedaily at thisairport, whichmeansthattherewill be 14 flights no longerreceivedweekly, althoughtherewill be 13 more, Leudes Escobar, its director, toldthepress.

After more thanfivedecadeswithoutdirectcommercialflightsbetweenthetwocountries, theirresumptionbythe Obama Administrationwas a reliefforthereunification of families, primarilydue to improvedservices and lowerairfares.(RHC)