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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Havanatur to operate in Chinesemarket

Shanghai, China, Nov 13 - TheHavanaturagencyinformedthatitwill open itsfirst office in Shanghaiwithanofferthatwill combine products, packages and allkinds of activities to attractChineseholidaymakers to Cuba.

HavanaturPresident Evelyn Guilartetold Prensa Latina thatthedecision to open an office in thismunicipality, thecountry'sfinancial center, isbasedonthemarketpotential, as itistheworld'smajortourist-sendingmarket.

'Wewillhaveopportunities to promoteknowledge of thedestinationrighthere. Wewill be readywithallpackages, prices and opportunitiesthat can be offered, so thattravellers do nothave to dependon a company in Cuba (?) so wewillreally be providinginformationrapidly and immediately as thismarketisaccustomed to,' sheadded.

TheexecutivenotedthatHavanatur has contracted 100% of alltouristservices in Cuba, both in thestate and non-statesectors, so it can presenthere a portfolio thatwouldincludetransport, tickets, hotels and extrahotelactivities in Cuba. (PL)