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Thursday, February 27, 2020
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hospital in Camaguey holds energy saving program

Camagüey, Nov 13.- As part of theactionsimplemented in thePublicHealth sector in theprovince of Camagüey to makeefficient use of energycarriers, in the provincial hospital Manuel AscunceDomenech a group of measures are taken to complywiththatgoal.

Amongtheoneswiththegreatestimpact are thelocation of meter counters in the places withthehighestenergyconsumption and theschedulesadjustment, takingintoaccountthelevels of activity.

Víctor Mejías Vasallo, head of theLaundryarea, saidthattheserviceschedule, whichnowbegins at 6:00 am, wasreadjusted to preventtheoperation of machines and thesteam boiler duringpeakhours.

Rita María Bento, employee at the hospital, saidthatthe closet isaware of theneed to saveelectricity in a highconsumptionarea, and to achievethistheycollecttheclothesfromtheroomsveryearly and group up to 600 kilograms in eachbatch.

According to Yamilet Borges Rodríguez, in thesterile central, thesavingaverages are alsoreinforced, ifitistakenintoaccountthatalltheinstruments and resourcesused in directpatientcare are treatedthere, in a hospital center that has 504 beds, highlevels of admission, surgicalactivity, highresolutionimagingstudies, and highcomplexitylaboratorytests.

Withthepurpose of makingrational use of electricity, Manuel Ascuncerigorouslyappliesanestablishedschedulefortheoperation of air conditioners, boilers, waterpumps, ovens and elevators, allwithoutaffectingthequality of theservice to patients and theircompanions.

Ontheotherhand, workers in thekitchen-diningroom, after 6:00 pm, at which time thehighestconsumption of electricityisrecorded in our country, limitstheoperation of hottables, kitchens, ovens and fans.

Maintainthedailyobservation of theconsumption of thesurgicalunitwithitsnineclassrooms, theintensivecare module, the cardiovascular care centers, nephrology and MRI, guardbody and theexternalconsultationarea, are actionsthatcomplementthesavingsprogram at the Manuel AscunceDomenech hospital. (Text and photo: Alex López Almaguer / Radio Cadena Agramonte)