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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Monday, November 18, 2019

Dance lives on in Camagüey

Camagüey, Nov. 18 - Soloists, couples and 13 dance groups are preparing these days in Camaguey for the 39th edition of the Dance Festival, which will take place next weekend in this city.

On the 22nd the event will begin with the Provincial Meeting of Dancing Children and Adolescents, while on Saturday 23, at 3:00 pm, in the Teatro Principal, the main gala will be celebrated.

For the show, outstanding national and local groups have been selected, commented the dance specialty methodologist of the Provincial Center of Culture Houses, Dariol Marrero Aguilar.

The Dance Festival takes place every year in Camagüey and is one of the events that characterizes the amateur movement in one of the most extensive and popular specialties in the territory, whose work is signature to the city. (Text and audio: Dania Díaz Socarrás / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Archive)