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Thursday, August 6, 2020
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Opposition majority to analyze accusation against Chilean president

Santiago de Chile, Nov 20 - Three opposition deputies and two government officials were selected this Wednesday to integrate the commission that will analyze a constitutional indictment presented against President Sebastian Piñera.

The accusation, presented on Tuesday by 11 opposition deputies, is based on the political responsibility of the president given the strong repression by police forces against peaceful demonstrators since October 18 and the consequent human rights violations.

The commission, chosen by lot in the Chamber of Deputies, is composed of Gaston Saavedra, of the Socialist Party; Boris Barrera, Communist Party; Daniel Verdessi, of Christian Democracy; and Sofia Cid and Gaston von Mühlenbrock, of the coalition of right-wing parties Chile Vamos.

Its members will analyze the arguments of the accusation gathering the assessments and criteria of experts and civil society, as well as the defense designated by the president, and make a report that must be presented to the chamber with a non-binding recommendation as to whether or not the indictment should be accepted.

Parallel to the accusation against Piñera, another commission in the Lower House is also analyzing a similar process against former Interior minister Andres Chadwick for his political responsibility for the repression unleashed by the Army and police during the state of emergency.

This was decreed in the days immediately after the outbreak of protests on October 18 that gave rise to an unprecedented movement demanding profound changes in the country and against the existing neoliberal model.

On Wednesday, when asked by the press, Piñera said that this accusation has no basis and stressed that what the country needs is to work for the peace and well-being of Chileans, although he did not refer to the issue of human rights violations. (PL)