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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The magic of radio in the hands of sound producers

By Dione Ramos González / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Sounds are images that we jealously store in our memory and when we listen to them, from the Radio, they become magic.

Be it the excitement of a city, the waves of the sea or the singing of birds, these sound postcards arrive through the magic of the media, such as the radio device that encourages endless emotions.

Thus, while words tell events; music, effects and silences complement what has been heard, and sound producers play an essential role in this.

They are responsible for so much sound enchantment; they are always grateful for making each of the journalistic works their own, because they share the dream and complete it with the poetry of their mixes, replacing the hat and the magic wand with just one console.

By choosing each effect, each chord, or editing the leftover, they tirelessly seek perfection like the renowned painter Michelangelo carving David.

His hands, avid and miraculous, much more so with the years of experience, recreate the soundtrack of life, worthy of recognition and admiration, because they create a masterpiece every day.

Congratulations to radio producers, creators of sound realities that fill the soul. Congratulations to those who, from daily life, leave an imprint, so that laughter and tears are born once again from the sounds that bask, from the lives they musicalize, from the nostalgia they evoke and build, with their magic. (Photo: Internet)