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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cuban scientist emphasises that climate change threatens everyone

Madrid, Dec 10.- The Climate Convention is the largest multilateral space in which everyone participates, but it does not generate the spontaneous changes that we all expect, a Cuban expert reflects here.

The Convention has been important in raising awareness, commitments, that the countries expose it, in gradual reduction of emissions generated from the Kyoto Protocol, and that they should result from the Paris Agreement, the West Indian scientist Orlando Rey told Prensa Latina, with extensive experience in the negotiations in these appointments.

This type of meeting has kept the theme alive producing global advances, it helps identify what the needs of Science are, it is a forum for discussing options where experts come from everywhere, the specialist added.

If tomorrow we could stop the emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), he exemplified, a button that you press and they stop, we return to the Neolithic.

It is an issue that is not understood and the Convention is expected to produce a magical effect, when its progress is gradual, he said.At present, more than 80% of the global economy still depends on fossil fuels, but in the end the reduction of emissions has to do with the decision of governments. Everyone knows that we must go in that direction, which in the end is a threat not only to the vulnerable, but to everybody.

Part of the discussion with developed countries is that we say: in your case it depends more on you; In mine, a developing nation is associated with international scenarios. It is necessary to understand that gradualness, the expert suggested.

When statistical yearbooks are analyzed, the share of renewable energy is four or five percent and although there are more aspirations, it will be gradual.

The specialist  exemplified  the aforementioned with the automobile industry, which raises the placing on the market of hybrid cars by 2030 and in the following decade the electric ones, but these decisions, he stressed, are associated with the business logic, which go in that direction .

These measures are not related to the Climate Convention, ”he said,“ that is, the development of these appointments has a side effect on these decisions of large companies, ”he explained.

The so-called COP 25 enters this day in its final stretch, opening tomorrow the high-level segment, in which delegations will set their commitments.

During the previous week, the negotiating teams prepared the documents and several scientific institutions announced the state of the situation with the temperatures and emissions of pollutants, key to understanding the need to take more actions according to the problems of each nation to face The phenomenon of climate change. (Text and image: PL)