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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Friday, December 13, 2019

Cuba restores post of Prime Minister

HAVANA, Dec. 13- Cuba will retake the post of Prime Minister during the 4th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP) in its 9th Legislature, next December 20 and 21, with which the country reaches a superior step in the institutionality and routes the executive and administrative management through more efficient channels.

According to the Constitution in its 3rd Transitory Provision, "once elected, the President of the Republic, within three months, proposes to the ANPP the appointment of the PM, deputy PMs, the secretary and other members of the Council of Ministers" for a five-year term and requires the majority vote in favor.
Whoever holds such office is responsible before the National Assembly and before the President of the Republic, to whom he or she is answerable and reports on his or her performance, must be a lawmaker of said assembly, be older than 35 years old, be in full enjoyment of civil and political rights, a Cuban citizen by birth and have no other citizenship.

Among his/her duties are: to comply with and ensure respect for the Constitution and laws; to represent the Government of the Republic; to summon and direct the sessions of the Council of Ministers or its Executive Committee; to attend to and control the execution of the activities of the central state administration bodies, national entities and local administrations.

The PM may also assume, exceptionally and temporarily, the direction of any body of the central state administration; request the President of the Republic to involve the relevant bodies in the removal of the members of the Council of Ministers and, in each case, propose the appropriate substitutes.

The Council of Ministers is therefore composed of the PM, the deputy PMs, Ministers, the Secretary and such other members as may be determined by law. (ACN)