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Friday, April 10, 2020
Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Swimming and running: outstanding school athletes during 2019 in Camagüey

Camagüey, Dec. 25 - Runner Yaimara García and swimmer César Alejandro Muñiz were the most outstanding school athletes in 2019.

Yaimara, from the municipality of Florida, won two gold medals at the National School Games, where she dominated the hundred and 200 flat meters, and won a 1st and 3rd place at the Fortun Memorial.

For his part, César Alejandro García, from Camaguey, was awarded a gold, five silver and four bronze medals in the Marcelo Salado International Cup, and in the School Games this year he reached two gold, three silver and a bronze.

The list of the ten most outstanding Camagueian athletes in the school category was made up of José Ariel Gaspar, Nadieska Díaz, Yasdany Escobar, Frank Cruchan, Harold Franco and José Herrera, all runners.

Boxer Elvis Romero, diver María Eduarda Jumw, judoka Yasserf Arrieta and karateca Ricardo Calderón made the rest of the roster. (Text: Manuel Moya Suárez / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Collage: Cadena Agramonte Web Team)